Hi, it's Jeffrey.



I haven’t written since my last post, so here I go again.

Staring at the stars that loom in the sky, wishing that one day you were among them soaring through the sky. They look far away yet are in your grasp.
The gleam of the world around you. The shine of everything is dulled when dreaming about being thousands of miles away from your dream, your inspiration.
Don’t let your dreams become your downfall, rather let them drive you.


Nothing in life goes as planned. Things will always be there to mess you up. No one will be there, when they are needed most. People who are the most trusted by you now, may not be the ones who stand near you when you need them. It may be a former enemy or someone who isn’t that close to you. Friends, enemies, and strangers are completely the same in a time of struggle. Life doesn’t go as planned but it will find a way to help you in your future. 


Hope. A word that can bring someone through anything. Not everybody has hope though. Many people don’t believe that it is there is a light in the future. You must believe that there is something in the future that will help you. You must have trust in the future to live on to another day. This is how the world turns. Hope. A word that will bring you to tomorrow and more. You must expect that there is more in the future than just a couple dull colors. You must see the warmth in everything. Hope is always among us. Try to see the light among the darkness. This will bring you to see a new colors, even if they are only shades. 

Demeaning hope

 Sitting minute as time passes. Waiting for something that you know isn’t going to come. You can already see the black in the future, yet you still wait to see if your eyes are tricking you. A sinking feeling hits you heart, and it moves lower and lower. This happens till you feel that all of life and hope has been sucked out of you. Life is a demeaning lie that people live, just to see the painful truth of death.


Wear blue and yellow or green and white tomorrow. Support the loses of Sandy Hook by wearing either the first one (town colors), or the second one (school colors). SPREAD THE WORD


Let us have a moment of silence for those people who died today. Such as awful even has happened and we should all value the time we have to spend of this earth and remorse for those who don’t get as long as us.
The man who did this is going to regret what he has done by killing these kids. :’(


The little bit of sadness grows as things don’t work out. Things will haunt you because of your sadness. You won’t be able to sleep, and possibly not be able to eat. Life is full of things that you can’t control. Like the endless stream of tears that slowly roll down my cheek. Things may never change, just don’t let sadness take control of your life. Remember what is important to you. 


The past is the past no one can change that. One guesses that things will change for the future but things are never the same after somethings happen. We will try to correct the past to change the future. No one is there for enough time to change the past to effect the future. We hope for the best to change the worst. However, it’s is all the hardships that we work through to get the new things in life. 


Life will go forward no matter what happens to you. You must see past all the gray to the bright colors of the world. You will never enjoy the little time that you spend living if you only see gray. Life is going to get better. Everything can change the future. The hardships you go through now can be the bright light of a new day. Enjoy life as it hits you, not as it passes.


The world in unity will make a new phase in life. People shall change to the better of humanity. People will live, love, and forget. People who pass will be remembered in the hearts of everybody. However there isn’t ever real peace in the world. Maybe peace in the mind but not around you. People use words and phases they can never forget. ” The tongue is the sharpest knife… Kills without drawing blood.” People are really hurt by somethings people say. You will never be able to take back what you have said truly. They will remember it.